Now you can participate in the change of energy model

Invest in sustainable projects and diversify your financial portfolio, becoming an agent of change in the European energy model.

Open investments

Collective investment projects open to participation

Guaranteed viability
All published projects have been validated by our professional project team.
Triple bottom line benefits
Enjoy economic benefits by supporting renewable energy generation and the local environment.
Your investment, your decisions
If you decide to exit an investment, you can sell any of your assets (or buy those of others).
Democratizing investments
Investing in renewable energy projects should not be reserved for a select few. Now, you can participate.

One action,
three benefits

Investing in sustainability has many more benefits than economic ones. We also have a positive impact on the environment, society and the territory.

Making the
complex simple

We pre-assess all projects to ensure their viability, and we innovate every day to make it easy and understandable for everyone.

Start investing in sustainable projects that make an impact

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